Sara Hegazy, fashion designer

You wouldn’t see her across fancy runways and the Middle East’s leading fashion shows; Hegazy was an established engineer designing gowns for her friends in her free time, until a competition for Maybelline New York proved her she had a talent unmatched. A self-taught designer who studied through online courses and designed her own business plan, Hegazy specialised in custom fitted couture designed, engineered and embroidered styles which she went on to study at London College of Fashion. A TEDx speaker and the creative director behind her international brand, she was the first Egyptian couture brand to showcase at the London Fashion Week catwalk in 2013. Her Cleopatra collection, featuring crystals from Asfour, was featured at the Tiffany Fashion Show which ran in parallel to Paris Fashion Week 2014.

Sara Hegazy first launched her eponymous brand in 2010 in Dubai and rapidly garnered a fashionable fan base. With her avant garde couture creations that feature rich colours, plenty of embroidery and just a lot of all-around decadence – all entirely handmade no less – the Egyptian designer quickly catapulted into the foreground of the regional fashion scene.


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